Dragonfly nymphs are voracious predators, hunting everything from mosquito larvae to fish and tadpoles. Their lower jaw is extendable, allowing the nymph to strike with great speed.


I always have fun showing larval odonata to people who don’t know. The adults are jewel-like flitting creatures. The babies are horrible crab aliens with projectile jaws.

Nature is amazing.



Spittoon Hellfingers

Spittoon Hellfingers

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10/10 that’s me alright…

Wow this one’s old.

Top 10 Animated Movies Challenge #7/10
Tentacolino (2004)

I remember I made this as a joke on the way imagealways appears in text, Trol Seasson was going to haveimage, but I don’t think we ever used it once, except maybe in a forum game or something.