Season 2 of Star Truckers started okay but has been really just, not even funny to riff. There was a decent Twilight-zone-y episode about the Doctor but you knew they couldn’t follow through on the twist so that was a dud ending. Then an episode where the heretofore ignorable thing where Kes is only 2 years old but appears and acts like an adult human becomes really uncomfortable because she’s like the only character who’s sexualised at all and it’s an entire episode about her fertility. Then an aptly titled episode called “Non Sequitur” which was fucking terrible because it was one of those “nothing actually matters at all” episodes; Ensign Kim wakes up in an alternate timeline where he wasn’t on the Star Truck, but then because the writers don’t understand “character motivation” he fights tooth and nail to restore the original timeline instead of staying on Earth and being with his fianceé. Beeteedubs, alternate timeline relationships are hugely skeevey mainly based in the fact that when a displaced character falls into a relationship their alternate self started, they are basically gaining consent through deception. Then there was an episode about a shitty visual effect where nothing happened. Legit, they spent a whole episode trying to deal with a visual effect, finally fail to, it takes over the whole ship, and then just, nothing happens, the episode ends. They say it downloaded a whole bunch of data to their computer, but then that never gets touched again, which is basically the closest you can get to un-writing an arc. Then Neelix went from just being obnoxiously jealous to being all-out creepily possessive of Kes (she’s still 2 remember) and more or less learns nothing. Then Chakotay got an episode that was written right after the writer first learned about structural unity. And now Turok is teaching Kes how to be psychic and yelling at her to not be emotional because yes obviously Vikings and Otaku psionics follow the exact same rules, having evolved 70,000 fucking light years apart.

Seriously fuck Turok, the lack of a Viking was probably one of the best things about TNG and I hope he gets sucked into an anomaly.

"pro-israeli stakeholders (often with tons of money involved) are in charge of the news that makes it to your ears and eyes." isn't this dangerously close to 'jews control the media'


i hesitated to put this on my blog. i said “pro-israeli” supporters dictate what makes it to the media. but this anonymous comment actually illustrates my next point excellently.

someone that understood the israeli-palestinian conflict (and wasn’t trying to make a stab at being a cheap, willfully ignorant troll) would understand that israel is a self proclaimed capital-Z Zionist state, founded by the World Zionist Organization, and means to advance Zionist ideology.

Zionism is not Judaism. Here, let someone else educate you:

and here is the longer version:

Zionism is effectively Jewish radical nationalism. Centuries of Jewish oppression - the faithful millions exiled and murdered throughout history - are constantly invoked and exploited as justification for Israeli abuses of international law. The injustices suffered by Jewish people for centuries now serve as vindication for injustices perpetrated by the Israeli state, in plain view of the international community. Because Jews have suffered, Israel argues, Israel is obliged to inflict suffering upon others, and it is imperative that Israel should become an aggressive world power “in its own defense.”

This is largely unquestioned by international peacekeeping organizations, and has been allowed for longer than many Tumblr users have been alive, thanks to the heavy support of Christian Zionists in America. Because of this, American media outlets have to spin their reporting to appeal to their base. If you don’t tow the line and side with the Holy Land, your ratings will drop because your viewers will think you’re blasphemous and insensitive. 

This anonymous comment actually illustrates this effect perfectly. I’m perceived to be an anti-Semite because the typically world-ignorant American sentiment towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be summed up by the average thought process used to approach it:

  • Americans look to Bibical prophesy, and the book says Jews should inherit Israel so God can come to Earth, so that’s capital-G Good;
  • Jerusalem is there, and that’s where Jesus lived, so even if you aren’t a Jew, Israel is Good as well; 
  • Palestinians (Muslims) live there, and The Muslim Islamist Terrorists did 9/11 to America, so clearly they’re capital-B Bad. 

When this is all you think you need to understand about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, it’s all very simple to understand: “Bad People doing Bad Things to Good People at the Good Place. The Poor Jews in Israel Where Jesus Lived are getting Jihad-ed by Terrorist Islamist Muslim Terror Rebel Fighters.” Take out a few words and there’s a real news headline in there.

If you don’t agree, clearly you’re an anti-Semetic America-hating Islamist sun worshiper, or something just as heinous. This is the power that Zionist Israel commands over the world: the ability to bend any dispute (valid or not) in their favor by turning it into one of worldwide moral obligation. By presenting their own aggression as self-defense against violent persecution, the world’s leaders are forced to take the “moral high road.” Nobody wants another Holocaust to happen on their watch, so allowing Israel to “defend itself” gets a free pass, without question. 

Don’t get me wrong, Israel is within its rights to defend itself from attacks against its people and its territories, against any aggressor. But when the aggressor is Palestine, a nation crippled by 50+ years of Israeli occupation, severe economic and social restrictions, and literal barriers designed to keep people penned up in destitute warzones - who is the aggressor?

Notice how Palestinian rebels are called “terrorists” in nightly news reporting, and Israeli forces are called by their full military designation: Israeli Defense Forces. The words “terrorists” and “defense forces” are carefully selected by the PR teams on both sides of the conflict, because the implicit connotation of “defense = good” and “terrorist = bad” tells readers and viewers how they ought to interpret this conflict. 

Orthodox Jews do not believe the actions of the Zionist state of Israel represents people of the Jewish faith, so no, “jews don’t control the media.” However I would challenge my anonymous friend, and anyone that would like to defend Israeli aggression, to find me a mainstream media outlet that gives as much credence to the Palestinian side of this conflict as other major outlets happily bend over backwards to give to the Israeli side.

"Control" is relative - there is a relative absence of supporting influence in favor of showing the Palestinian side of this conflict, so much so that some outlets pulled their reporters to avoid disparaging Israel. ( (although Mohyeldin is going back, thank god for real reporting.)

Because of the stigma behind Muslim support in America, and the significant influence of Christian Zionism, there is an empty vacuum where there ought to be fair coverage of the Palestinian side. Not surprisingly, Israel is happy, and generously equipped, to fill in that gap - in its own self-defense, of course.


Heartbreaking Moments: 6/7 ~ The Iron Giant Sacrificing Himself (The Iron Giant)

This moment gets pretty badly soured after you see the Incredibles and realise that this is just a more subtle expression of Brad Bird’s übermensch fetish.

I unironically believe this is the best batman movie.


I’m pretty was a snap, then a dose of cute

For real this shitweasel knew he’d be breaking stuff but was apparently so convinced in the superiority of his weird PCI based mappings over the more abstracted logical ones that he pushed this (with muscle from dell of course) anyway.

"If you have scripts that have hard-coded eth0 or have assumption that ethX is a particular port, your scripts are already broken (you may just not know it yet). Begin planning on using the new interface names going forward, adjusting your scripts as necessary." — Matt Domsch

Go fuck yourself Matt

Bring me the head of Matt Domsch
Sysadmin proverb

Fuck biosdevname, this is bullshit.

take it dril

Apparently this was fucking Dell’s doing; I knew I smelled a corporate agenda.