Scheduled some Grey Blue posts so they’re not too close on the heels of all that jingle cats nonsense. I am astonished that they still haven’t switched off that garbage colloquial date entry thing when you schedule a post.

Oh hi there Adobe, I had almost forgetten that attempting to use your software tends to involve massive usability bugs that take needle-in-a-haystack google searches to track down support for. And that “support” invariably consists of “Yes, that certainly is a problem that other people are experiencing… …Wait, are you expecting a solution?”


stay away from me, I didn’t want this

I’m imagining the sort of person who would actually consume this without any disingenuity or irony and that is more hilarious to me than anything else and I hope this is like, hugely popular among cat person pensioners or something.



This is the work of the Normal Human Man and nothing will convince me otherwise.


I think I am in the forbidden zone.

Get out of there, you’re going to wake up in Foodiefeels or something.

Jingle Cats makes me want to update my own batshit channel.


it gets better.

This has to be by that one guy who did the thing with the singing dog and wolf with the hideous fucking mouth animations.



Those aren’t even cat sounds


more jingle cats for your enjoyment.

Seriously, the fuck did you find these?


whoever makes these is an insane genius.

I suspect it’s someone decidely more Normal.